According to Scripture, Abraham was the father of many nations. Christians, Jews, and Muslims can all trace the origins of their faith back to Abraham. Throughout the Bible, Abraham is referred to as a man of great faith. Why did he have this distinction? Because he faced great challenges but believed God would keep His promises.

In his letter to the Roman believers, Paul reminded them that God promised Abraham that he would have a son. Abraham’s great faith came in to play because at the time God promised him a son, he and his wife Sarah were very old. Abraham acknowledged the absurdity of two people in their late 90s bearing children, but he believed that God had the power to make this promise come true. Years later, Isaac was born to Abraham and Sarah.

When people look at me, I wonder if they see a person of great faith. Do I act as if God has the power to keep His promises, or do I only evaluate the situation by what makes sense to me?

We serve a God who has the power to raise the dead. In a circumstance when Sarah’s ability to have children was dead, God brought it back to life.

Our God is still the same today. He can bring a dead marriage back to life. He can bring a son or daughter back home. He can breathe life into what is dead and restore what was lost.

Lord, breathe life where there is death in me and my circumstances, and restore my hope. Amen.

Go Deeper — Read Genesis 17 and 21:1-7. These verses record the story of God’s promise to Abraham and the fulfillment of it in the birth of Isaac. Let it be a source of hope that God keeps His promises.

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Photo Credit: Jeremy Bishop