I could no longer live the lie I had pursued for over 40 years. At age 14, I supposedly gave my heart to Jesus, but the ensuing decades proved otherwise. I enjoyed the “perks” of being a “good Christian” on the outside, but I also loved the darkness that had steadily grown on the inside. My heart was hard and divided. As I pursued sin, yet believed in “abounding grace” (Romans 6:1), I began to see the end of the road I was on. What lay ahead was misery, brokenness, and irreparable relationships. At the very end lay not only death but eternal death.

Was God gracious in all of this? Of course! Immeasurably so. As I ran toward darkness and disaster, He — the Hound of Heaven — ran right beside me, keeping pace, waiting for me to surrender.

So, one Sunday afternoon in mid-April, I was buried under the waters of baptism. When I came up out of the water, what Christ had done for me and who I was in Him became crystal clear, in living color! Sin had lost its grip, death had lost the war. Jesus became my Victor and my Master. Grace became so very, very true!

Do you consider grace a free ticket to heaven, despite the way you live, like I once thought? Tear that ticket up! It’s not worth the pain, and the end is disaster, believe me! Surrender to true grace and accept real forgiveness today.

Lord Jesus, I don’t know why you pursued me in your grace. I would have let me go long, long ago. All I deserved was death and darkness. You raised me to life and light. Thank you, forever! Amen.

Go Deeper — Write down the dark things that still tempt you. Hold the list up to the light and see it shining through your handwriting. Then present the list to Jesus in prayer and rip it up.

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Photo Credit: Mack Fox (MusicFox)