Ouch! These two verses of scripture hit a sore spot within me. How often have I gone on little errands connected to my sinful desires?

It is so easy to continue doing what is familiar. It is not that I don’t know what to do, because I do. As Paul describes in Romans 7:15-20, the good that I want to do I can’t find it in myself to do, but the evil I desire not to do is what I find myself doing, continuing in a cycle of sin.

Who can deliver me from my own desires? Jesus can and He has. Victory comes through you and I recognizing the finished work He has done on the cross. He has already broken the trap we often find ourselves in time and time again. He has already provided a way of escape.

The way out is to be fully committed to God’s way of doing things. We must be fully committed to taking up His yoke and leaning of Him. He has left His instructions for us in the Bible.

If you find yourself constantly going through a cycle of sin, I challenge you to choose today whom you will serve. Throw yourself fully and completely into God’s way of doing things — not just doing enough to get by, but doing everything it takes to succeed and keep moving forward. You owe it to yourself. After all, you have fought this battle long enough. It is time to move forward in victory.

Lord, I come to you again, this time fully committing myself and my efforts to your way of doing things. Forgive me for always taking matters into my own hands. I pray that I will no longer see you as a last resort, but as my only resort to living a healthier Christian life. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Go Deeper — Spin a ball, top, or disc-shaped object. Put your finger or hand on it to stop it. Now, ask God to help you do that with the sin you keep battling in your life.

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Photo Credit: Mark Fox