“Why do you call me Lord but don’t do what I tell you?" Luke 6:46 GW

Me, disobedient?!  It can’t be! I was faced with this harsh reality as I inquired of the Lord concerning an issue I dealt with for the umpteen time.  The Lord made it clear to me that I stood in disobedience.  He instructed me as to how I needed to handle the problem, but I failed to put it into practice.  Each time it came up, I failed the test miserably. 

I was reminded again, of the importance of meditating on the Word daily, especially in the areas I struggled.  The Word of God holds the key to every area we face.  When we make it our daily practice to abide and actively do what the Word says, we experience victory. We are also working towards building a proper foundation.  If we only refer to the Word and obey it when we are going through trials, we are like the one that built our house without a foundation. Every time trouble comes we are washed away by the pressures we face.

There is no need to continue consulting the Lord if we are not going to be obedient. Our Heavenly Father watches over us with His eyes upon us. We may not always agree or like His methods but, we must honor the fact that Daddy knows best. Even though discipline is never easy to receive, it leads us to a better quality of life. It behooves us to our Father’s instructions.

Have you been able to recognize the Lord’s discipline in your life?

Father, forgive us for failing to apply Your Word to our lives daily. It is our desire to get this right, but we recognize that we can only do this by Your grace. Amen.

Take Action 

Begin to pay attention to what God is doing and saying to you. Make it a point to study scriptures in the area of your struggles. If you want, you can talk to one of our coaches to help you grow spiritually!

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