Well, that about covers our daily movements. Whenever we walk, sit, or stand, we are not to follow the example of the people we know who are negative, immoral, or not following the commandments of God.

The sinners stand firm in their resolve. They make excuses for their actions, blame everyone and everything else, and will not take any action to change. Or, perhaps they feel hopeless and powerless to do anything to move out of their situation.

The wicked are on the move, dodging the bullets, so to speak. In the ancient world, teachers walked and talked as their students followed. The wicked are definitely looking for followers.

The scoffers? They sit in judgment, don't they? They won't lift a finger to take any action, but they will criticize and nay-say others' actions until they are blue in the face.

What position is left? The one on our knees. Paul said we are to be in a constant state of prayer, thanksgiving, and rejoicing (I Thessalonians 5:16-19). With the bombardments from TV, social media, and emails on a daily basis, our minds can quickly become mush. We need to be praying people in order to thwart sin, negative attitudes, and envy.

So, let’s start daily on our knees. Then as we go through our day, we can stand firm in our faith, sit at the foot of the throne, and walk in the way He leads.

Lord, guide us as we move through our day. Keep us focused upon you so that no matter what happens, we can find a reason to pray, give thanksgiving, and rejoice, standing firm on faith, sitting by your side, and walking in your ways. Amen.

Go Deeper — Keeping Psalm 1:1 in mind, watch your movements and thoughts as you go through your day. Tonight, reflect on whether it changed your attitude.

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Photo Credit: Nadia Supertino