A few years ago, I kicked New Year’s resolutions to the curb.### I was tired of the guilt, of never making it past January with even one resolution. Instead, each year I choose one word to focus on, with the hope that God would develop it in my life.

My word this past year has been DARE.

For much of my life, fear has been the driving force. Fear of failure. Fear of what people might think of me. Fear of the future. Fear of what God would ask me to do. FEAR. It lurked around every corner and stalked me in the middle of the night. It paralyzed me and left me broken and shattered, but my journey finally took me to a place where God’s truth could penetrate my heart.

“The Lord is for me, so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me?”  (Psalm 118.6)

Do I believe God is bigger than my fear? Greater than my problems? Stronger than what someone may do to me? I've found it is easy to say, “Yes, of course, He is.” It’s another thing altogether to live like I believe it.

So picking the word DARE for 2016 was a big step of faith for me. Daring to do what God calls me to do seemed scary, but I’ve found His Word to be true — there is no fear when I truly believe God is for me. This year, since January, I’ve had the opportunity to share the love of Jesus around the world: in the Dominican Republic, Zambia, and India! And this is just the beginning.

Do you believe God is bigger than your fear?

What will your word be this year?

Lord, how little we make you and how BIG our fears have been in our lives. Forgive us for making you small, for trusting in ourselves instead of you. Teach us who you are and give us courage to step out in faith and embrace the life You are calling us to. We dare to do what you want us to do. Amen.


Ask God which word will signify the work He wants to do in you this year. Then surrender to His direction to shape and renew you. Expect Him to do great thing in and through you.

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Photo Credit: Teddy Kelley