Through the ages, Christians have often gathered to pray together:  - in the morning, before work;  - at noon, before the meal;  - in the evening, after work. 

This short prayer comes from a collection of prayers from the 5th century, a testimony to the fact that the Church continued to expand and grow despite the wars and economic troubles besetting the Roman Empire of that time.

Almighty God,
you fill all things with your presence.
In your great love,
keep us near you this day.
Grant that in all our ways and doings
we may remember that you see us,
and may always have grace to know and perceive
what things you would have us do,
and give us strength to do the same;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Throughout This Day: Seek to meet with God three times today, as Christians have done through the ages, reflecting on how such prayer meetings might have influenced people’s daily lives then, and could influence ours now.


A Collection of Prayers

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