By the middle of the 7th century, a new menace was threatening the Church: the rise of Islam and the conquering of many lands where the Church first took root. After invading much of the Arabian peninsula and Northern Africa, Muslim armies crossed the strait of Gibraltar and invaded most of Spain. It was only in the eighth centuy that this first wave of Muslim expansion into Western Europe was halted when Charles Martel and his armies won the battle of Tours. The prayer below comes from Spanish Christians living under the domination of Islam. It helps us to see how they rested in God during this time of religious upheaval.

O God,
Father of your only Son,
you dwell in heaven
and you scoff at those
who rise against your Anointed One.
Grant us special grace
that we may not yield to adversities,
that the unbelief of those who do not know you
may be done away with,
and the faith of those who cling to you
may be crowned.

Throughout this Day: Pray for Christians in Muslim lands.


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