Gregory of Narek, an Armenian Christian, was a well-known Christian teacher, author, and poet of the 10th century. He struggled greatly with a deep sense of sin which he learned to relieve by casting himself on the mercy and grace of God. The prayer below is one of his declarations of faith in God’s gracious provision, translated from the Armenian version.

The increase of my sins is more than matched by your generosity, my benefactor.

For yours is salvation,
and from you is redemption,
and by your right hand is restoration,
and your finger is fortification.
Your command is justification.
Your mercy is liberation.
Your countenance is illumination.
Your face is exultation.
Your spirit is benefaction.
Your anointing oil is consolation.
A dew drop of your grace is exhilaration.
You give comfort.
You make us forget despair.
You lift away the gloom of grief.
You change the sighs of our heart into laughter.
To you is fitting blessing with praise
in heaven and on earth
from our forefathers and to all their generations
forever and ever.

Throughout This Day: Pray that Christians and non-Christians weighed down by guilt and shame will confidently trust in God’s infinite pardon and grace and will find great freedom and joy in an eternal union with Christ.


Gregory of Narek

A Collection of Prayers

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