“All that the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never cast out.” John 6:37 ESV

I’ve read numerous biographies about famous missionaries and preachers from ages past. Many of those biographies told stories of men and women who were sure that though they had repented of their sins and asked for forgiveness from God, they believed they were not destined to Heaven, and though they wanted to, they couldn’t be saved, no matter how much they pleaded and begged with God.

I remember reading the material, horrified at the thought that that could occur. I realized I had no reason to assume God would accept me into Heaven, because what if I were destined to Hell? So then I too began to think that perhaps I was destined to Hell, and no matter how hard I prayed and pleaded with God to forgive and accept me, I wouldn’t ever make it if I had already been destined for Hell. But then I came across this verse in John. It was comforting because it shattered all my worries. Christ says that all those whom God has chosen will come to Him.

So if you’ve come to God in true repentance and asked for forgiveness, you don’t have to worry if God has accepted you or not, because Christ says we will not be denied. We can trust the Scriptures and know that if we are truly desirous to be forgiven of our sins and willing to repent and live a Godly life, Christ will grant us that forgiveness and access into Heaven.

Dear Lord, if we are truly your children, please reassure us with your Word. And if we are not your children, please make it evident so we may get right with You. Amen.

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