Where I live, summer is short. We anticipate the season with pleasure. It’s a new beginning, a time to plant flowers and fire up the barbeque.

Regardless of where we live, new beginnings come to all of us. Some are more welcome than others, yet each is an opportunity to find new joy.

Each day is a new beginning. God reminds us of the fresh start we have every morning. Whatever is happening, or not happening in your life, choose to view this day as an opportunity for a fresh beginning. Watch for God’s mercies.

Father God, Thank you that you make all things new. Please refresh me today in the newness and wonder of your love and your creation. Open my eyes to my blessings. Let me breathe in the wonder of life and rejoice in your faithfulness in this season of my life. Help me to embrace each new day with my hand in yours. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Go Deeper ― Whatever your season today, make a point of looking specifically for God’s mercies and recalling His faithfulness. It will increase your joy in pleasant seasons and will give you fresh perspective and strength through the challenging ones.

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Photo Credit: Mi Pham