On my 70th birthday my children and grandchildren gathered around with gifts and said thank you to me for being their Dad and Papa. As I looked into their faces and felt their hugs, I thought, “This is as good as it gets!” I had great joy.

But listen! God lives every moment in a place of ultimate power and joy. He chooses freely in all things. So, here’s a question for you. As God looks over all He has created, what brings Him pleasure? Many things. Many that I am sure we do not and cannot understand. But there is one thing He has told us through Scripture that brings Him joy. Are you ready now for the answer?

You do! You bring Him joy, or at least you can. Yes! Read the passage again: "The Lord takes pleasure in those who fear him" (Psalm 147:11).

What does it mean to fear Him? It means to exalt Him to His rightful place as God, Creator, Ruler, and Savior. To put it simply, God’s pleasure in you begins when you know who He truly is. His pleasure is completed as you place your trust in His loving care.

Would you like to give God pleasure? Today? Gather around Him. Exalt Him over all things with thanksgiving. Then, as you place your trust in Him, it will be joyful for you – and for Him, too!

Lord, you are great and wonderful. I lift you high and trust in you with all that I have and all that I am. I take joy in you. Thank you for taking joy in me, too. Amen.

Go Deeper — Recall an occasion when you felt deep joy. Hear it. Feel it. Walk through those moments. What made it special? Is there a way you can celebrate God as special in the same way?

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Photo Credit: Mi Pham