It was time for my annual self-evaluation. The past year was busier than usual, but busyness does not always translate into more successes. First, I identified the achievements that pushed me closer toward my goals. The accomplishments certainly boosted my confidence.

The second phase involved looking at areas I needed to improve, which often included eating better, getting more exercise, and reducing stress. It also meant confronting the areas I’d failed. Sadly, I discovered a few mistakes that set me back.

But God does not want us so obsessed with health goals and crushed by failure that we overlook his grace and mercy. We need to listen more to the Spirit of God, seeking his guidance, strength, and comfort — especially when tempted to shove through life’s trials without the help of the Holy Spirit.

When we first accepted Christ, the Holy Spirit entered our hearts and made himself accessible. But for the Spirit to help us, we must activate him through faith and trust. If we are not alert or discount the Holy Spirit’s value, we quash his effectiveness to assist us.

Tapping into the power of the Spirit will help us cope with the struggles in our lives. Through the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, we experience the power of God’s love. It’s the glue that binds us to his truth, goodness, and righteousness — which are just the qualities we need to achieve a better outcome on our next self-evaluation.

Father, thank you for sending your Spirit, who guides me in all things and reminds me of your boundless love. I still forget to trust your Spirit at times, so please keep me from barging ahead without first seeking your Holy Spirit. Amen.

Go Deeper — What do you tap into to motivate you to be better and do better? Caffeine, protein, self-talk, a monitoring app on your phone? Try trusting the Spirit instead.

Read Further — It’s okay. Just Breathe and receive the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Photo Credit: Tiago Gerken