“Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them . . . .” Romans 12:6a

All of us have a hobby. Some of us have hobbies. Some of us are very good at our hobbies. Some of us enjoy our hobbies regardless of our abilities. Some are into sports. Some into cooking. Regardless of the type of hobby, there’s always a way to glorify God within it.

Have you ever stopped to think about how your hobbies, which are usually for your own pleasure, can actually be used to benefit others, ultimately glorifying God? Perhaps you like to decorate cakes or enjoy biking. All of these hobbies and so many more can actually be used to help others out. But, how?

If you are great at needlework, you have the ability to donate blankets, clothing, and other items to hospitals, pregnancy centers, and third world countries. If you are a sports enthusiast you have the ability to donate items you’ve collected to the silent auctions of non-profit organizations. Maybe you enjoy working on cars. You can use your ability to fix cars to serve those who cannot afford a mechanic. If your hobby includes your own business, you have the ability to organize a fundraiser and donate the proceeds to a non-profit. If your hobby is a skill that can be taught to others, you can teach those in need of a skill to earn a living. 

There are so many ways your hobbies can be used to help others out, all while glorifying God. Think about what you can do with your hobbies to serve others while serving God.

Dear Lord, thank you for the gifts you’ve given me to glorify You. Help me to know what I should be doing with this gift. Amen.

Take Action

Analyze the hobbies you have and see what you can do to adjust to the transition from making it all about yourself to making it about pleasing God. Make a plan to act out how you can do this.

For more information about how hobbies can glorify God, listen to this.

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