Life can become hectic and unstable. Some of us rely on an income that isn’t steady or ebbs and flows with the seasons. Others are consumed with studies in graduate school, or feel overwhelmed with their workload. Some of us have lost a job unexpectedly. Others have lost a relationship or still aren’t in one and feel frustrated and confused.

All of these situations can induce fear and anxiety, but they don’t have to. Jesus has left us with His peace ― to know that He will get us through these trials and provide for our needs. In Matthew 6, Jesus asks if God takes care of the animals, why wouldn’t he take care of us, His children? Perhaps some of these unexpected events are the result of a loving God trying to draw us closer to Him.

When hard times come, and we’re backed up in a position we can’t get out of, we tend to run to God. We suddenly realize that He’s our only help.

Instead of worrying about where the income is going to come from when you’ve applied for job after job, trust that God will provide at the right time. Rather than spending hour after hour holed up in your room with your studies, take a breather and enjoy the blessings around you, like friends, family and nature. Stop fretting over your relationship issues. Instead, take them to God. He’ll help you.

Dear Lord, please forgive me for worrying instead of trusting. Give me your peace to realize that you’re in control, and you will not leave me lonely and struggling. Let me look to your word and be strengthened by all of the stories of deliverance and grant me the ability to wait patiently in the meantime. Amen.

Go Deeper — Try to focus on God when worry crowds your thoughts. Surround yourself with prayer, Bible reading, and uplifting sermons that encourage you to trust in God. Want to learn how? Read the article, “Praying Through Worry.”

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