The soul is thirsty for pleasure. It will seek out meaning, love, and happiness in all the wrong places if it’s allowed to. Some life circumstances can also bring pleasures that don’t last ― the type that can later drag a person somewhere they would rather not be. That form of pleasure can leave painful scratches on the heart. Happiness then departs, disquieting the inner person.

However, there is a kind of pleasure that is pure and lasts. It benefits the soul when we choose to receive it. We are all welcome to access this whether our actions have been noble or not. It is available 24/7.

God’s presence makes things different. Regular quiet times one on one with Him can bring us joy even during trials. Listening attentively to Him through His Word by studying it and reflecting on it, can guide us. The water of the Word washes us and cleanses us.

When we interact with God long enough, the shackles of fear fall off. Faith takes over. He answers our questions. He opens His heart to us and His hand sustains us if we’re facing physical and emotional challenges. God revives and satisfies us. In His presence, we hear His voice of wisdom assisting us in decision-making. He also empowers us to improve our relationship with others.

Life becomes more meaningful when God gives us peace, safety, and brings rest to our soul, producing a joy that will last beyond our days on earth.

Dear Heavenly Father, give me grace to enable me to spend one on one time with you regularly so I can hear your voice of wisdom clearly in order that I can make wise decisions that please you. When I miss the mark, would you please help me to run to you quickly to receive forgiveness and to hide in the shadow of your safe wings? In Jesus’ name I ask. Amen.

Go Deeper ― Purposely carve out time daily this week to spend in God’s Word and listen to His guidance, even if it means giving up time spent in temporary pleasures like watching TV or surfing the web. If you desire God’s presence but have questions about Him or need prayer, feel free to contact one of our mentors. It’s free of charge and confidential.

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Photo Credit: Mi Pham