It’s an event I’ll never forget as long as I live—the moment my son was born and I got to hold him. Here was this precious, perfect baby boy! As I began to speak, he turned his little head and looked up at me, blinking at the bright lights and his new surroundings. I was in awe at the miracle of life I clutched in my arms!

Life! What an amazing gift. The Bible teaches that God is the ultimate source of life. In today’s verse, John clearly stresses that the Father has shared this life-giving power with the Son, Jesus.

John isn’t suggesting a “like father, like son” relationship as I have with my son. He’s boldly proclaiming that Jesus is God. In other words, in the same way God has life in Himself and thus, can give life as He wills, so too can Jesus because He is God and He is life.

Jesus is the creator of life (John 1:1-3). He gives physical life by raising people from the dead (John 11:43-44). He gives abundant life (John 10:10) and ultimately, Jesus gives eternal life (John 3:16).

Jesus gives us life because He Himself is life! How has His life affected yours?

Lord Jesus, thank You that You are life and that I can experience eternal life through faith in You! Amen.

Take Action

Take some time today to thank Jesus for giving you eternal life. Then pray for someone in your life who needs to know Him personally; ask God for an opportunity to help them move one step closer to Jesus in the near future.

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