“If he commands it, the sun won’t rise and the stars won’t shine. … His great works are too marvelous to understand.” Job 9:7,10

Are you reading this? If so, then the sun rose this morning. 

“The sun rises every day,” you say. Yes, it has so far, but Job reminds us that the sun rises at God’s command. A single word from God, and the sun will no longer rise.

Each day is a gift from God. Each day is part of His purpose and plan. “Unique” we could say because each is different. “Special” we might say because it holds vast opportunities to glorify Him.

No day should be taken for granted!

This is a powerful thought that can change the way you live—right now, even today. The sun rose and so did you. Today is a day the Lord made for you.

We do not always know what a day holds. Some bring joy. Some tragedy. Most are “ordinary” – just routine. No! Not at all. God has crafted this day. It is a special day.

Understand this. What makes a day special is not what happens in it but rather Who we use it for. A day is special when it is filled with a purpose to honor God with every word and to love Jesus with every deed.

We sometimes wonder, “How many days will I have?” But living well is not about the number of our days. It’s about how we use them.

Today—yes, right now—you have been given a day. Perhaps tomorrow, too, and many more. Each one is a gift. Each one waits for you to use it well.

Lord, help me to honor Your gift of today and everyday. I want to live with a sense of Your purpose. I want to love You in every way I can and to share that love with others. Amen.

Take Action

Pray to understand God’s purpose for you today. Think of at least one specific way you can use this day for Him. If you find yourself with a heavy burden today, connect with a free and confidential mentor.

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