Self-destruction is a dangerous course to plot. Yet, out of brokenness, I did exactly that. It was easier to punish myself through promiscuity and alcoholism in an effort to numb the pain than to face my weaknesses.

Truth be told, I was being sold a pack of lies by the enemy who had a firm grip on my soul — Satan. Winston Churchill once quipped, “When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”

While battling against false satisfaction and fractured purpose, I was too blind to see that the men I conquered and the alcohol I swilled were the enemies. Until, one day, an unsuspecting force gently nudged a door open to reveal the truth of the Holy Spirit. The lies I’d been led to believe — sex as love and acceptance, and alcohol as an appropriate sedative — were annihilated.

There was a paramount shift in my heart and mind. As much as I needed Jesus as my Savior, I knew I also needed the Holy Spirit’s guidance. He counselled me into healing and wholeness. I still pray each day for his direction to live my life.

Today’s verses aren’t wishful thinking. They are Jesus’ words to us as a guarantee of a beautiful existence. While discouragement comes in our lives, the promise of the Holy Spirit’s leadership should bring joy and peace. He will show us the way. May we, as Christians, always heed his prompting in a way that makes him known to others.

Lord Jesus, thank you for your words from the book of John and for the promise of your Holy Spirit that resides in me. There’s no way I could navigate my life without his direction and power. May I always be ready to live out the guidance your Holy Spirit provides for my life. I thank you and praise you, Jesus, and it’s in your name I pray. Amen.

Go Deeper — How much do you allow the Holy Spirit to guide you each day? Will you commit to let him in guide your heart, mind, and soul today and pay attention to his promptings?

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Photo Credit: Benjamin Voros