Living in this world can be difficult. The stressors of life and the unexpected turn of events can be hard to handle at times. And if we’re being honest, it sometimes feels as if no one cares for us or has our back. Those friends and family members we relied upon so heavily are suddenly gone when things turn sour. And if we do have family or friends we can rely on, that won’t always be the case. So where should we turn to first?

Fortunately, as disciples of Christ, we have someone to run to all the time. No matter what the circumstances may be, we have access to God through the Holy Spirit. And God has promised to be with us by sending the Holy Spirit to live within us at all times — the good and the bad. We are never abandoned by God. Though outward circumstances might give us that impression, God has designed it so that we don’t have to fall for that lie.

When we seek out the Lord through prayer, the Holy Spirit intervenes on our behalf. He intercedes for us even when we don’t know what to say.

God is a better source of comfort to turn to than any friends or family members. He will never let us down, and that is seen through the promise to give us with the Holy Spirit while we are here on earth apart from him. And isn’t it wonderful knowing that we are never, nor will we ever be, alone?

Dear Lord, please help me to turn to you first in all circumstances. Thank you for giving us the Holy Spirit so that we are not alone. Amen.

Go Deeper — Begin cultivating the habit of turning first to God for everything. Instead of telling your problem to your spouse, family member, or friend, pray to God about it first. As you begin doing this, you will eventually find God to be the most reliable source of comfort there is.

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Photo Credit: Joshua Earle