Are you currently facing a decision? Unsure of what to do? Have you garnered advice from others only to be confused by the conflicting accounts? Do you feel like you’ll never know what to do and will have to make a choice without counsel? Perhaps you’re even afraid you’ll make the wrong decision and suffer the consequences of it.

We can be certain that although humans may not have all the answers - our Heavenly Father speaks to us, his children, to guide us in his will.

In fact, James tells us that God will give us wisdom if we ask — he does not say maybe or hopefully God will give it to us. Perhaps he will hear. No, it’s a request that will be granted.

We don’t have to worry or wonder if God will respond or not. God has promised that he will grant us wisdom — and God cannot break a promise. Isn’t that exciting? We don’t have to spend our days worrying about whether or not we will know what decision to make. God imparts wisdom to us when we ask, and he will let us know what decision we should make based upon his perfect wisdom. He will guide us as we bring our decision to him in faith.

So if you’re sitting at your table, on your bed, or at your desk at work feeling burdened with worry and fear of the future, pause. Know this: God will guide you. You need only to ask him for wisdom. Be determined to obey, then trust and wait.

Dear Lord, help me trust in your promise and wait for the wisdom you have promised to give to me. Deliver me from worry and anxiety as I wait.

Throughout This Day: Spend time in prayer concerning the issue you are facing. Ask friends, family, and church members to pray for this decision as well. Form a prayer group. Consider writing in to talk to one of our mentors. Trust God for the wisdom you need to discern his will.

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Photo Credit: Anastasiia Krutota on Unsplash